Uruli – A tradition, culture and belief

Tradition is about the links that we have in the past and which are passed on from generation to generation. It is about the fellowship we retain from our ancestors. It is a strong belief that keeps us going through difficult times and keeps adding meaning to our existence.

One such handcrafted tradition of our culture is the uruli. Handcrafted things are less of objects but more of an artisan’s expression of our vibrant traditions and lifestyles. These are pieces of beauty, faith and whimsy and carry a part of the artisan’s heart.

Uruli is one of these handcrafted products which carries with it a rich heritage, cultural values and faith. The name uruli is derived from a Tamil word “urulai” which means round. Thus uruli is a round vessel used in cooking, ayurvedic practices and now in modern décor.

With the festive season just around the corner the uruli will make a place in every household and be part of your festive décor.

In the light of today’s art and interior designing we all try to induce the traditional elements into the modern lifestyles. An uruli can be used as a decorative object to impart a royal glow to the otherwise simple, bland setting. This uruli can be made of stone, terracotta, metal or more and is filled with water and vibrant flowers and candles making it perfect for centrepieces of hallways, soothing and welcoming.

Uruli is not only an integral part of the festive décor but in general is a very good thing to keep at your home. An uruli is believed to bring wealth and prosperity to your homes. An uruli filled with water, covered with flowers or lemon is considered auspicious. Water generally denotes wealth and so water element should flow inwards as it represents wealth flow. Your uruli should face the main door. So, now instead of placing a normal bowl of water you can alter your deco with the beautiful uruli.

Where to place the uruli at home?

Your uruli can be placed in the pooja room in front of the idols, it can be placed in your living room and the drawing room as well complementing with the other décor items, it can be placed facing the main door, it can also be placed in your balcony area enhancing the décor of the place while adding tradition to your magical extensions.

How to decorate your uruli?

All you need to do is pour some fresh water into the bowl, float some fresh flower petals on it and you are done with it. Try it out with rose petals first, and then any flower you prefer. In the evening time, you can let small fragmented candles float quietly on the surface of your Uruli. Not only will it lend a ‘wow’ feeling, but something that is really invigorating and refreshing any time at home.

Appropriate material for uruli

Material is a very important thing which plays an important role in placing an uruli. Although there are many options from which you can choose, but the best option is Brass. Uruli made from brass will detoxify the environment and will make it happy and calm. If not Brass than you can choose Glass uruli also, but never place iron uruli as it will give negative effects.

Thus, this festive season we hope that you buy beautiful uruli’s for your home and decorate for bringing in all the prosperity, wealth and luck. We hope that this season of festivities brings to you all the happiness and health and may you all be happy and healthy always.