At Cosy Dwellings we craft design
stories to make homes your happy place !


We craft design stories to make homes your happy place. Our product offerings consist of home decor and gifting options. Our design stories are inspired by different cultures, history and crafts.

Our products cater to various lifestyles – Boho Chic, Elegant and Classy, Modern Aesthetic, Countryside, Soft and Delicate, Quirky and Joyful, Eclectic to name a few.

Our customers are creative minded people who want to be their own selves unlike masses and want their homes to be a reflection of the same. To us such people are a platform for exploring our creativity.


At the core of what we do lies the craftsmanship, attention to detail in design and quality of each product. They are made one at a time, hence each piece is unique in its own self making the ordinary extra ordinary.

We also aim at contemporising Indian arts and crafts by trying to use them in designing the products thereby contributing a bit to the rival of our rich craft heritage.


As the word dwellings itself means “a place to live” and that place deserves to be a reflection and extension of your personality, so, what better than the name “Cosy Dwellings” which is relatable enough to end your apt finds for you and your cosy shelter.