Hello Cosyfam!

Do you know what is it exactly that draws us to rooms with rich doses of greenery? You agree or not the fact is that nature has the ability to transport a freshness to interior schemes for centuries.

No matter how hard we try nothing can replace the freshness and aura of the living house plants into your room interiors. Also, research has proved that house plants improve air quality by filtering dust, they remove allergens and potentially harmful toxins. House plants or plants for that matter are known for boosting endorphins and reducing stress and with us living in cities where the green space is already scarce these house plants come to our rescue.

House plants are one of the most fragile elements of your home décor but add that fresh vibe instantly to any interior space. The house plants are fragile and need TLC to keep them looking at their best.

So, let us look at some of the house plants that will enrich your space at the same time are easy to look after.

Mexican Breadfruit:

This plant is a bi-colour beauty where no two leaves are the same. This is one of those house plants which itself is a graphic and looks great when placed against a plain wall. This plant hails from the Southern Mexico and parts of Panama and thrives in summer and humid climates. But need not worry all that what is needed is some shade, moist soil and a cozy temperature to keep it happy.

Chinese Money Plant

As the name suggests, the Chinese money plant is one of those house plants which is most preferred in the Scandinavian interiors, where its bright green pancake shaped leaves provide a welcome burst of colours against the white walls. According to the Chinese folklore, this plant is said to bring riches and good fortune to its owner. If you are looking for placing house plants on your side table, desk or window sill then this is the perfect choice. The nick name to this plant is “the pass it on plant” as it throws off new growth that can be re-potted easily. Light-wise, the best situation for a Chinese money plant is bright light, with no direct sunlight. As far as the watering is concerned, let the soil dry out before giving it another drink.

White Bird of Paradise

This is one of those house plants which is unusual, gorgeous and tropical. This house plant is native to South Africa and can easily grow up to 10 feet. Due to its large size, it is a preferred favourite of the interior professionals and looks great if it is placed at the entryway or has to be the focal point for any room. This house plant has dramatic paddle shaped leaves that thrive indoors. Let the sun shine on this plant as this plant enjoys the spot light. Keep the soil moist and well drained for this plant to thrive at its best. As this house plant can be harmful for the furry friends just keep this away from them.

Black Velvet Elephant Ear

As the name speaks, this is one of those house plants which has velvety black leaves with silvery, luminous veins that are unusual and impressive. This plant originates in the Southeast Asia, most specifically the jungles of Berneo and Malaysia. This plant looks the best when placed on a raised platform as it befits royalty. This plant loves humidity and will thrive best in cozy locations where shade is in abundance. Try it in an accent corner in a scale that suits your space – they range in height from an unassuming ten inches to a statement-making two feet.

Pet parents, keep this plant away from the furry friends as it is toxic. Hence keep it away from children as well. As concerns the watering of this house plant, deep and infrequent watering is needed. Make sure your soil is well mixed and drained to avoid root rot.

So, these are just few house plants which serve as a beginner’s guide to plant parents. Do up your interiors with house plants that look the best. You just don’t need the plants but also the planters to enhance the look of the potted plant. For planters you may opt for materials like ceramic, rattan or others to make your plants the highlight of a given space.

Plant parents be ready and go ahead to create interiors that speak for themselves!